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Drenje 39F, 52220 Labin

Places to visit

  • Brijuni (Brioni) Islands – This attractive group of Islands – which happens to be late President Tito’s favorite – are located really close to the Istria peninsula, where the Croatia National Park can be found.
  • Groznjan, a 14th century Venetian town well-known nowadays as the Town of Artists. Since 1965, the place has turned into an arts colony for the work and residence of painters, sculptors and musicians.
  • Motovun, located in the central/continental Istria on the hill section of the region. Its fame is due to the annual Motovun Film Festival. Futhermore, the preserved buildings from medieval times is another attractive feature of the town.
  • Novigrad (or Cittanova), this picturesque and small town located on the north-west shore of the region and with some medieval buildings as well.
  • Pazin, one of the nicest town of the peninsula, whose old part lies on a hill of 130 meters above the Jama (or Fojba) abyss. You can find a castle built on a cliff near the town.
  • Porec, one of the most important Istrian tourist resorts with an architecture based on the Austro-Hungarian style. You can enjoy the lines of the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica and the ancient settlement of Istria.
  • Pula, the most important Croatian port and industrial center. It still uses some of the ancient Roman amphitheater for opera performances and pop concerts.   
  • Rovinj, a Venice modeled town built on a small peninsula which is considered one of the most attractive tourist places of the area.
  • Umag, well-known for its annual tennis tournament, it is one of the touristic destinations in the Istria pensinsula
  • Rabac, another of the popular touristic destinations which offers plenty of hotels and camping grounds.