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Istrian gastronomy

The Istrian area is not exclusively determined by its history or its touristic places, there is also a delightful pleasure you can enjoy: its cuisine.


You will be enchanted with the variety and balance. You can enjoy the Mediterranean aspect of the cuisine at times, but some other moments you are going to be surprised with the continental flavor of the Istrian gastronomy. Depending on the time of the year, you are going to be amazed with wild asparagus in spring; summer will treat you with several fish and shellfish dishes, and truffles are your best companion for autumn. And a special treat is expecting you for winter, enjoy delicious food prepare in warm, lively taverns like minestrone, cabbage and roasted sausage. Give you the opportunity during your visit to Istria to enjoy homemade soup and bread, an opportunity you can’t miss once there.

Istrian Cheese Špin

On those amazingly Green pastures, cattle and sheep form part of the magic denominated Istrian Cheese Špin. A very well-balanced mixture of cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, mixed milk cheese, cheese in teran pomace and with truffles, is the main feature of the Istrian Cheese Špin. These semi-hard cheese products have won two awards internationally.

Istrian Wine

A well-known product which defines the Istrian identity is the production of wine. The peninsula makes several varieties of this drink, a perfect reflection of the different climate and soil from the region where the grapes grow. The most recognized wine from the zone is the Istrian Malvasia, but there are more options to take, such as Teran, Muscat, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Besides enjoying the taste of a delicious Istrian wine, you can also take part in the wine tour through the beautiful sights of the hills of Istria where the wine starts its production. Additionally, the touring will combine the showing of traditional villages and techniques with the latest technology in wine production.

Istrian Olive Oil

One of the most significant products of Mediterranean origin is Olive Oil, and Istrian production of this oil is well recognized all over the world. It has been produced in the peninsula in a truly traditional way by autonomous olive makers. And, as well with the wine, there is an Olive Oil tour where you can visit and learn everything about the making of this international awarded product.

Istria truffles

Truly hard to resist and one of the most desired delicatessen in the world, the truffles coming from Istria are the best culinary product from this peninsula. The first time they were found in the area was around 80 years ago in the Motovun Forest and it has continued to be one of the most successful products of the area. Just after harvest, truffles are taken as a direct ingredient for the preparation of several dishes or they can processed to be used in the elaboration of other products such as spreads, cheeses, oils, sweets, and so on. This valuable mushroom grows increasingly in the Mirna river valley, making Istria the Croatia’s truffle capital.